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5000 lbs capacity

Product Description

Rotor Dimensions  
Maximum part diameter over drive
63 inches (1600 mm)
Maximum part diameter over bed 
63 inches (1600 mm)
Maximum part distance between
68 inches (1727 mm) using one bed
unlimited using two beds (optional extra 4 Ft.)
Minimum distance between
support bearings centerlines
Outboard: 4 inches (102 mm)
Inboard: 10.25 inches (260 mm)
1” (25.4 mm) with optional fixture
Journal diameters on standard bearing set  
1/8 to 17 in. (3.2 to 431 mm)
Machine Base 
Machine Base length72 inch (1829 mm)
Machine Base Width32 inch (813 mm)
Machine Width (Including drive)
50 inches (1270 mm)
Rotor Mass and Unbalance Limitation 
Maximum Weight5,000 lbs. (2268 Kg)
Minimum Weight1 lb. (.454 g)
Maximum Weight per Support3,500 lbs. (1589 Kg)
Maximum Overload per Support3,750 lbs. (1702 Kg)
Maximum indicated sensitivity per Plane
(instrument readout capability)
.0001 ounce-inch
.03 gram-inch
Maximum Achievable.0084 ounce-inch total
Residual Unbalance.0042 ounce-inch/plane
under ideal rotor conditions but not to exceed
.000005 inches mass center displacement
Maximum Unbalance reduction per Run95%
Shipping Weight2,000 lbs. (909 Kg) (pallet)
2,300 lbs. (1044 Kg) (crate)
Motor & Control 
Variable Frequency AC Drive with programmable acceleration/deceleration patterns
DC Injection breaking0.1 to 240 Hz Output
Rated horsepower5 hp at 1800 RPM (2.2 Kw)
Speed Range10 to 4000 RPM
Power Required200 to 230 Volt, 3 phase 60 Hz
or 380 to 460 Volt, 3 phase 50/60 Hz Optional 
Recommended Balancing Speed

150-4000 RP


Specifications with drawing 

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