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Portalyzer Features

Product Description


  • Single or Dual Channel Display
  • Automatic Peak Detection with Digital Display of Amplitude and Frequency
  • Auto or User Scaling of Amplitude and Time Wave Form
  • Linear or Log Scaling
  • True Frequency Zoom
  • High Frequency Resonance Calculation
  • Display of Cursor Amplitude and Frequency
  • Frequency Averaging
  • Peak Hold
  • Start Up and Coast Down – Display of Vibration and Phase versus Speed

FFT Analysis
Frequency Range
1.0 Hz to 25.6 kHz
Frequency Resolution
.25 Hz to 100 Hz
Number of Lines
256 to 2048
Sensor Types Seismic or Accelerometer
External, Button, Channel 0 or Channel 1
Trigger Level
User Selectable 0 to 100g's
Trigger Edge
User Selectable Rising or Falling
Vibrations Units
Mils, Microns, in/sec, mm/sec or g's
Frequency Units Hz or CPM
Maximum Indicated Sensitiviey             
per Plane

.0001 ounce-inches
.03 gram-inches             

Maximum Achievable Residual
.0084 ounce-inches total
.0042 ounce-inches per plane
Maximum Unbalance per Run
Types of Unbalance Single Plane, Two Plane, Force Balance and Static/Couple
Balancing Speed Range
66 to 25,000 RPM
Balancing SpecificationsISO 1940/1, API, MIL-STD 167 and NEMA
Vibration Readings
Velocity or Displacement
Unbalance Readings
oz in, g in, g mm
Correction Callout Grams or Ounces

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